Embodying the feminine.

The feminine energy that resides within you is the part of your energetic system that calls you to rest, play, be creative, and dance with life.

This means surrendering control and bowing down to the divine mystery, letting things unfold exactly as they ought to, in perfect and divine timing.

Within this society (system) that we have all be born into, it’s the masculine energy that prevails, and this is how we’re taught to exist in the world.

Goal-orientated, focussed, driven, controlling, fighting for what we want, ticking things off to-do lists.

Currently, there is a shift happening while the feminine comes back into balance.

You may feel this within yourself, especially if you’ve reached a point in your life where you simply cannot ‘push through’ anymore.

In an age of collective burnout, many of us are being asked by our bodies, minds and souls to STOP. To reassess our priorities. And to get into the path of our soul truth.

When this happens, it’s usually not an easy ride, because we first have to identify and let go of all of the energetic imprinting that we’ve been carrying … societal conditioning that tells us we amount to nothing unless we have achieved ‘x, x and x’.

Because most of us identify so heavily with the external (what we’ve done, what we have, what our lives ‘look like’ to other people, etc), to let go of this often brings on a massive ego death.

We let go of all these things that our ego tells us are ‘so important’.

We stop all the struggling and striving and pushing and forcing.

And we just get still … still enough to hear our own soul. 

The truth we receive from our soul can be shocking, because it often requires us to make changes that feel uncomfortable and unnerving.

Coming back to the soul is to come back to your feminine self.

And when you’ve done that, you can use your masculine energy to take action on the guidance you receive.

Your feminine is waiting, waiting, waiting.

Waiting patiently for you to hear the truth of why you are here, the truth of your soul essence … and to bring it out to play in the world.

Your feminine self beckons. Are you hearing her?




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