Metamorphosis: the process of becoming the highest version of yourself.

In life, there are MULTIPLE timelines available to us.

We can walk the timeline of our ‘highest’ self (our MOST soul-aligned timeline).

We can walk the timeline of our ‘lowest’ self (our LEAST soul-aligned timeline).

Or, we can walk any timeline in between.

And, the truth is … whatever we choose to do is entirely within our own hands.

Becoming your Highest Self.

The truth is, it is rare that any of us begin our lives living as our highest selves.

This is because …

From the minute we are born, we are being deeply conditioned by the world around us. Our parents (or primary caregivers) immediately imprint their own beliefs and energies and prior conditioning upon us.

Then, we are thrust into the educational system, where teachers and educators make their mark upon us, for better or for worse. And while all of this is going on, society at large is subliminally delivering its messages about who to be, how to act, and what to do, in order to be a ‘success’ in this life.

For many of us, we enter adulthood and start to feel like … is this it?

At this point (after all the conditioning), we are often so disconnected from our essential selves (our soul), that confusion can reign supreme.

Deep down, we know there is MORE available to us. More pure love, more peace, more joy, more vitality, more abundance. A more fulfilling experience of life.

At this point, we have to make the decision to commit to our Soul Self. The part of us that is eternal. The part of us that is pure consciousness, simply having a temporary human experience.

As we tune in to our Soul Self, we have to make the courageous decision to undergo a metamorphosis.

In the dictionary, the word metamorphosis is defined as ‘a change of the form or nature of a thing or person, into an entirely different one’.

Metamorphosis. Becoming a new version of you. 

We can liken this to dying and then being reborn.
The phoenix rising from the ashes of the fire.
The seed cracking open, spilling out it’s contents in a process of chaos, then growing into a magnificent plant.
The snake, shedding its skin.

There are many metaphors for this beautiful process.

The process of metamorphosis sets us onto the path of the highest timeline; the path that we truly came here to walk out in our lives.

But the process of metamorphosis is not necessarily an easy one; which is why many people will avoid it, and stick with the perceived comfort and safety of the life that isn’t serving their soul truth, but feels ‘secure’. 

The process of metamorphosis will require a willingness to be boldly honest about what is no longer resonant for you in your life … and perhaps walk away from that.

It will probably require you to stand alone for a time, as you develop an inner resilience and strength that will serve you deeply on the path ahead.

It will no doubt take you through a deep, dark night of the soul.

It will challenge everything you have been taught by this world … and ask you to change your beliefs, into beliefs that serve your greatest evolution.

It will require you to have FAITH; faith in the Divine Intelligence that governs all things.

It will call on you to trust that even if it looks like your old life is falling apart, a new life that is so much more resonant with your heart is sweeping in – in perfect and divine timing.

In the past few years, I personally have been through this process.

And while it was potentially the hardest time of my life so far, it was also the most beautiful time.

I look back to myself a mere three years ago … and the woman that I am today is a completely different version of her.

I have shed so very much of what no longer served me. And after all that symbolic death, new life abounds.

These days, life continues to deliver me beautiful examples of all the ways I have cleared my energy, opened my heart, and tuned back in to my soul. 

I am so grateful for what I have moved through.

So, if you are going through a very challenging time, take heart, and know this:

The version of you that is about to emerge – after your own personal metamorphosis – is so incredible.




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