Answering the call of your Authentic Self.

Let’s talk about what happens when you start to answer the call to step into your TRUE authentic self.

When you have spent most of your life being the ‘good girl’ who grew into the ‘people pleasing woman’, there generally comes a time when you realise that it is no longer sustainable to live in this way.

Your heart, your soul, start to give you these nudges …

You start to realise that you’re not quite being true to who you are, and your soul path.

You start to realise that you’re dimming your own light, so that you won’t ‘upset anyone’.

You start to realise that you’re not speaking your truth, because your truth doesn’t align with the truth of people in your family or your social circles.

You start to realise that there is so much that your soul wants you to experience, outside the confines of the boxes that you have placed yourself in.

At this point, you have a choice.

You can either choose to keep stifling your soul truth, and your soul purpose, out of fear of ‘not being liked’, or ‘not fitting in’, or having to ‘stand alone’, or ‘upsetting someone’.

Or, like a snake shedding its skin, you can discard the energy of the ‘good girl’ archetype that you have been carrying your whole life, and step fully into *who you really are*.

This process, this shedding, may be a very confronting journey. Especially if you are addicted to the ‘safety’ of everyone liking and approving of you. Like I used to be.

This process will bring up ALL your triggers. You’ll have to peel back the layers of the onion, one by one.

You’ll have to confront your fears. And examine why it feels so difficult just to be who you really are, and live your truth.

You will have to dissolve a lifetime of societal and family expectations.

Yes, it will be hard.

But on the other side of it, is a strong, empowered, expanded version of you, that gets to experience ALL that she’s ever wanted to experience. But was too afraid to go after, because … what will people think?!

This is not a journey of being disrespectful to others, or not honouring the relationships in your life, or not caring about anyone else.

No, it’s a journey of realising that you can be your MOST authentic self, while SIMULTANEOUSLY caring for other people.

It’s a journey of realising that your core soul desires were placed within you so that they could be REALISED in your lifetime.

It’s a journey of realising that it’s truly safe to be YOU, and it was only forces outside of you that were ever trying to squash you into being something different.

It’s a journey of realising that you were not placed on this earth ONLY to be of service and to be subservient to others. You ALSO get to experience the true joy of having a beautiful connection to your own soul.

>> It’s the journey of a lifetime. <<

And let me tell you from experience …

When you step into your authentic self, some people will fall away.

But you know what?

Your true soul tribe will flow in. Because they can only find you when you become who you truly are.

So, can you be brave enough to stand in your truth, to stand in your power, even if it feels like you are kind of standing alone?

As you show the universe that you are ready to be truly you, the universe is going to shift and rearrange things for your greatest good.

It’s safe to be you.

Shed that skin that holds any aspects of you that are no longer authentic.

Let yourself bloom as the extraordinary expression of consciousness that only YOU are capable of being.

The world NEEDS the most authentic version of you, now more than ever. Will you be brave enough to EMBODY that version of yourself?

I’m right here walking the path with you. And, so is your very own soul.




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