Allowing hustle to give way to flow.

The energy of hustle, to me, is equivalent to the energy of not trusting life.

When we’re in the energy of hustle, we’re essentially using the force of our human will, to try and make life unfold in the way we want it to.

Overly celebrated in our modern day culture as ‘productivity’ and ‘achievement’.

When we’re in the energy of true flow, we are allowing our soul blueprint to unfold via our physical body, in the precise and natural way that it wants to.

We don’t need to push and force, because everything that’s meant to happen naturally does.

Does being in flow mean that we never take action? Does flowing with life mean that we never practice a healthy, masculine sense of discipline?

Absolutely not …

Being in flow means that we allow *both* the masculine and feminine energies within us, to do their dance.

We allow the yang to equally meet the yin, knowing when to exert our will upon the world, all the while being guided by our inner wisdom at every step.

In this overly masculinised western culture, we dance so much with an obsessive yang energy. Pushing, forcing and manipulating life.

This, to me, is the hustle … and I personally had to let it go after cycling through one too many episodes of intense burnout.

Every time I ended up with fatigued little adrenals, my soul was simply trying to speak to me thought my body.

Saying …

There’s another way to do this
It’s safe to receive in stillness
You don’t have to prove yourself anymore
Even if you rest, life will look after you

It took me many years to listen.

It’s hard for us to believe that we will be held by life if we don’t use force.

How could it be that life will support us if we are not working ourselves into the ground?

Many of the modern day manifestation techniques reflect this same controlling energy, and it doesn’t resonate for me at all. As much as I love the energetics of the law of attraction, becoming overly obsessive about it all is essentially just another way to control life.

I have mostly withdrawn my life force from the illusion that I can control my human journey. My soul knows MUCH better than my mind does. And always brings more soul-enriching twists and turns that my human mind would ever be able to come up with!

Therefore my real ‘work’ is to be so attuned to this inner part of me (the soul), so I can receive the wisdom that I need at any given moment about what to do next.

We are always being guided from within.

Hustle, while allowing us to feel productive and celebrated by this society, isn’t always the right path.

Life will still flow through you when you allow your feminine to have just as much influence as your masculine — and it won’t result in burnout.

One by one, as we each release the need to control life through hustle, and learn to take healthy action as guided from within, we create a culture of greater peace and harmony.

A humanity that flows with life — rather than pushing for more than we even need, destroying our precious planet in the process and burning ourselves out.

This would be a humanity where our worth is no longer dependent on how much we can do, but rather, the uniqueness of our own soul essence. And how we can enrich one another’s lives, just by bringing our natural energetic vibration to the table.

To be in flow, is to trust your life, and to trust your soul.

This is the energy of the feminine, and it is coming back online in a profound way for many beings right now.

Collectively we are shifting, and reprioritising, as hustle gives way to flow.




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