Embracing a new beginning.

Sometimes, life is going to take things away, and invite you to have a completely fresh start …

And it might be without the financial security you were used to.
Or without the relationship.
Or without the familiar home.
Or without the job that was your self-appointed identity.
Or without … whatever else.

Sometimes life delivers us these ‘tower moments’ (aka getting thrown off the tower), and we have to grow wings we had no idea existed within us, on the way down.

It’s scary. Terrifying. Being broke. Heartbroken. Lost, confused, alone. Or whatever it’s evoked in us.

It makes us question why we liked all those posts about trusting life on Instagram, because we certainly don’t trust it right now.

It can make us feel angry at life, at the universe.

It can make us question whether we’ve ‘failed’.

And we fumble through, one day at a time, wading through the mess and wondering how we’re going to get back on track.

And eventually, we might realise, we aren’t actually off track.

And that life threw the curveball on purpose.

By design.

Because this fork on the road is taking us to the next destination … the next destination that our soul wants us to arrive at. (Which can often be a realisation of wisdom that changes us forever, as opposed to a life event. Or it may be both).

And yes, the ego mind doesn’t like it. It doesn’t like how it happened.

The heartbreak tells a story of injustice.

But the soul … the soul always knows … we are right where we are meant to be. On our way to the next adventure.

And as we drop into that space, deep within ourselves, even in the most angst-filled moments … we’ll connect with the seed of KNOWING, that life itself is governing all of this.

And as the days, weeks, months or maybe years pass after that initial moment of getting thrown off the tower, we come into an embodied understanding that we couldn’t have become this wise, resilient, self-sufficient version of ourselves … with those new wings … unless it had happened this way.

And we find a sense of peace.

This is Life.

Beautiful, messy, often agonising.

Always, always pushing us to our edge, so that we will evolve into our absolute fullest potential.

Life itself loves you so much, that it will not allow you to escape or resist your own expansion.

So, if life has stripped you bare … please know, what you will cultivate within yourself as a result will be magnificent. And you will rebuild. It is inevitable.

I have had some tower moments in the last few years.

I have had times when I didn’t want to be here and didn’t think I would get through.

But I did, and it wasn’t because of anything outside of me. It was because I dug deep within myself and committed to doing whatever it took to change my beliefs and energy.

A compete deconditioning + reprogramming.

The most insanely hard process of my life. And this was the GIFT. Because I finally realised my power to recreate myself. My inner world slowly changing. The outer world slowly catching up to reflect this.

And the process continues.

I am still in the void between my past life and my new one. Between the version of me that used to exist and the version I am becoming.

And you can’t rush your becoming.

It is an organic process, not dissimilar to a flower blooming or a fruit tree bearing its gifts for us to enjoy. It happens exactly on time.

It’s the organic process of your own soul unfolding.

If life has stripped you bare … be open to the possibilities that may lie beyond this.

That energetic seed of potential, of your new life, it lies within you. And eventually, it WILL grow. It will!

And you will flourish into the next phase of who you are meant to be. However long it takes, don’t give up.

Don’t give up on your soul, because it came here on purpose.




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