Embracing your spiritual lessons.

In life, we will ALL be delivered spiritual lessons that will often be disguised as pain, hardship, and challenge.

‘Disguised’ is the right word, because underneath the darkness of pain, the angst of challenge, the terror of extreme hardship … lies absolute spiritual gold.

The darkness is a disguise, that will inevitably lead us to the light of revelation, insight and soul expansion.

When moving through these dark nights of the soul, we may ask ourselves …

Why does it have to be like this?

Why can’t we just learn and grow and evolve with more ease? With less pain?

I have certainly asked myself these questions many times, especially over the past few years, where my personal soul journey has led me into a lot of intense spiritual growth and evolution.

And what I have come to deeply understand, is this …

Sometimes, getting (metaphorically) thrown off a tower by life, and being forced to grow your wings on the way down, is simply the only way to get to where our soul wants us to go.

Sometimes, we can only get the breakthrough after we’ve sat in the ruins of the breakdown, wondering if we even want to be here anymore.

And usually, it is not until you get sick and tired enough of suffering, that you will begin to do the work to change your perceptions, change your beliefs, and change your energy.

And this is the inner work that actually leads to the breakthrough.

Where do you want to play?

When we are suffering, we have two choices:

1. Continue to play the victim.

Victim consciousness is so easy to reside in. I’ve sat in that place many times on my own journey, as I’ve felt sorry for myself and wondered, why me?

The problem is … victim consciousness doesn’t get us anywhere.

In this state, we aren’t doing anything to change our inner landscape (thoughts, beliefs, energetic vibration), and so, nothing in our life really changes! We just keep looping in the same patterns and cycles in our lives, never transmuting the challenge and turning it into spiritual wisdom.

Or …

2. We can decide to be the creator.

As the creator of your life, you take responsibility for your inner world, and you decide to shift and change it – knowing that as you change your inner world, the outer world will have no choice but to reorganise around you, because this is how the universe works – it’s simply responding to your energy.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be ‘happy’ about things that have happened in your life, or condone the poor behaviour and actions of others. Being the creator simply means that you are choosing to set yourself free of those shackles. No longer allowing what happened in your past, to determine your future. Taking FULL responsibility for your own life, and KNOWING with certainty that you can thrive, no matter where you have previously been.

The creator always breaks through, no matter how much turmoil she goes through to be able to get there. The creator heals, and creates something greater for her life. The creator never gives up on her own soul, no matter how long it takes to move through something.

The question is, what energy do you want to play in? The victim, or the creator? 

The choice has always been yours, and it will always be yours.

Spiritual life coaching.

If you would love someone to hold space for you as you traverse your own spiritual journey, come on over for more information about my spiritual life coaching sessions (all online, join me from anywhere in the world – I have worked with women globally).

And above all, please remember that as you embrace your spiritual lessons (by embracing the hardship in your life and leaning in rather than running), your breakthrough will be inevitable.

In fact, your breakthrough is already done … your soul is just waiting for your human ego mind to catch up.




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