As you change your inner world, you change your outer world (for the better).

No matter what you believe, you will ALWAYS find evidence in this world to support your beliefs.

For example, if you believe that you are unsafe, unloved, forgotten, and in lack … you will continually have synchronistic events and people and situations showing up in your life that support these beliefs.

Because the external world is a reflection of our inner state.

And so, the most important work that we can do, is the work on our INNER landscape.

Spiralling our attention away from the outside world, and back INWARDS. To ourselves.

Exploring the architecture of our belief system. 

I am constantly reminded of the importance of doing this work on myself, when things start to feel like they are ‘falling apart’ in my life.

From the youngest of ages, we have each been deeply conditioned by this world around us. By our family, our teachers, by society at large.

As adults, it’s our responsibility to look at whether this conditioning (which formed our belief system at the smallest of ages) is still serving us. Or not. (It usually really isn’t). 

Over the past couple of years, I have had to deeply decondition myself from all the programming this world imprinted upon me as a little girl.

Beliefs that as a woman, I have to be a ‘good little girl’ for my whole life, pleasing everyone at the expense of my own wellbeing.

Beliefs that there is never enough. Not enough money, not enough time, not enough security, not enough to get by.

Beliefs that this world isn’t safe and that I always need to live in fear of what is around the corner.

Beliefs that in order to be loveable, I must look and act in certain ways.

Beliefs that I have to work myself to the bone – to the state of adrenal burnout – in order to get through life with what I need.

And sooo many others.

When I came out of a de facto breakup a couple of years back, I had to stare my fears of lack right in the face – for several years – until I finally overcame this deep seated belief that life wasn’t going to support me.

It was so deeply ingrained, this idea that there was ‘never enough’, that it took SO long. It was honestly the most challenging time of my life.

I also had to explore my belief that because I had no ‘assets’, that no man would ever love me again because I was not a ‘success’. (I’m so past this one now because I know that NO amount of money or achievement would ever determine my worth or my worthiness to be loved).

There were many other intense periods of time where I had to work through so much. We will each have our own specific ‘issues’ to work through in this life.

I have literally sat with myself over and over and over again, working through one dark night after another … slowly freeing myself from all the false beliefs and inauthentic energies that were put upon me by others. 

I now have a completely different belief system about life compared to what I had, say, 5 years ago.

I had to be pushed to my absolute limits by life, again and again, through such intense loneliness, to finally learn that:

I am supported
I am so deeply loved by Source/God
I am appreciated and seen
I have not been forgotten by life
I always, always have what I need
I am here on purpose
I am safe

I now truly know that I live in a universe which is simply reflecting back to me … my own internal state. 

The universe doesn’t punish you, it responds to you.

And yes, we all get delivered pain and challenge along the journey, which grows us in ways our ego doesn’t love … but our soul chose.

But at any point … as you do the inner work to change your frequency and your belief system (which is basically the expectations you have about what experience life is going to deliver you), what life sends your way will CHANGE.

As your inner world reorganises, the outer world will also slowly reorganise.

I promise you this is true.

As you start to believe you are worthy of MORE; that life truly wants you to thrive; that you are infinitely supported; and that all possibilities are available to you … this is what you will start to see showing up in your world.

It is not an easy journey and it requires a tremendous willingness to change. It also requires a willingness to step out of victim mode … and take charge of your own experience.

But it is worth every single bit of pain, for the experience of freedom, love and joy, and abundance that you can have on the other side — simply by working with your own inner world.




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