If something is trying to leave your life, let it!

If something is trying to leave your life … let it! 

If something is trying to leave your life and you continue to hold on, pushing against the absolute intelligence of your own life path, it may eventually become toxic to you.

The relationship that has run it’s course, and pushes past its medicinal phase.

The job or business that’s way beyond its expiry date, depleting the energy of your body and soul more and more by the day.

The habit that you absolutely know you need to kick, because it’s holding you back from your full vitality.

Or whatever else.

These things, when we cling to them for dear life in an attempt to avoid the discomfort of change, become destructive to our entire being.

They weigh heavily upon our soul, which is so ready for the next part of our journey.

They keep us anchored to the past, when there is a different future beckoning us forward.

Yes, these times of transition can beckon us into the murky waters of intense emotion, uncertainty, and discomfort.

They invite (force) us to cultivate deepest trust in life — the kind of trust we have never embodied before. The kind of trust that can actually feel excruciating.

(Side note, letting go of control often does feel excruciating, because the ego mind wants to grip to control for dear life!).

These times often require us to sit in the void for longer than we would ‘like’ to, as our next steps very slowly become clear.


Allowing what is no longer yours to gracefully (or not so gracefully) leave your life, is essentially you saying to Life itself:

♦ I am ready for more.
♦ I deserve better than this.
♦ I see my true value, and I claim it.
♦ Thank you for the lessons and the expansion, but now I’m excited for what’s next in my ever unfolding soul journey.

When something needs to leave your life, you will know. You will just know. This knowing may fill you with a sense of dread. But trust it. Let it go.

Because what will eventually flow in, after an appropriate transition process, will be so magnificent.

It’s ok to let go of what’s no longer aligned. It’s ok to want something else instead.

It’s always safe to follow your soul. And when you do, you are always on the right path.




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  1. Louise

    In the process of getting divorced, I acknowledge this relationship no longer serves me, digging deep to find patience in the divorce proceses as my ex draws things out to see that I get nothing. Your posts have helped to ground me..thank you am filled with gratitude.

    October 19, 2022 • 4:43 am •
  2. bethbridges

    You are so welcome Louise. Xoxo

    October 31, 2022 • 1:19 pm •
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