Overcoming self-betrayal.

Very commonly in my 1:1 sessions with clients, the topic of self-betrayal arises, to be explored and (eventually) overcome.

Self-betrayal occurs when we allow our precious life force energy to be used in ways that don’t feel intuitively right or good to us. 

This can occur in a multitude of different circumstances.

Such circumstances generally fall into one of the following categories:

1. Saying yes when we KNOW we want to say no.
2. Not setting boundaries (or not holding our boundaries with strength), and therefore allowing the world to cross our boundaries, over and over.

In both of these examples, what ends up happening is a dishonouring of our being in some way (body / mind / soul / energetics / emotions). 

And, both of these examples are often linked to an inactivation at the throat chakra – a fear of using our voice to declare what our needs are, or to say no.

These examples of self-betrayal are so common amongst women, as the collective conditioning to be silent and please everyone at the expense of ourselves, runs deep. 

It actually takes a lot of courage to explore these programs within your own being, to unravel their tight threads, and to choose differently for yourself.

I could write a book about all of the ways in which the amazing women in my business community, have shared with me their unique examples of self-betrayal.

And I could write another one about all the women I’ve seen bravely change this for themselves.

The defining moment in this journey, is always the moment where we decide that living in integrity with our own soul, is more important than any external validation. 

I have had that moment personally, and it changes everything.

It doesn’t mean that you stop caring about other people. It simply means that you care about yourself AS MUCH as you care about other people. It is life-changing.

To decide that you are just as worthy of receiving your own love, care, energy, attention, time, money, or any other resources … as anyone else in your world.

To understand your true value.

To claim back your life force and to fill your energetic cup, so that you can actually serve from the overflow.


This journey requires a deep dive. It requires a restructuring of belief systems, a detoxification of old energetic programming about the ‘role of a woman’ (and more), and a true reprioritisation of self.

This journey can be a wild ride, because a past version of you will literally have to (symbolically) die, so your rebirth can occur.

But when it does … the new frequency you reside in is oh-so-sweet.

A frequency where you are no longer a match for self-betrayal.

If this is resonant for you and you want to take this journey with someone to support you, come on over to find out how to work with me 1:1, from wherever you are in the world. 

My intention with all of my client sessions, is to activate within you your innate KNOWING of your true value and your true worth; to realign you with the wisdom of YOUR soul, and help you live from that place; and to assist you to reclaim your vital life force, so that you can do whatever you came here to do.

You don’t have to betray yourself anymore. 

It is safe to choose yourself, it is safe to choose the best life experience and highest timeline possible for your journey.

You deserve this.




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