The Rebirth.

In life, we go through SO many symbolic deaths.

These death phases — the dark night of the soul, the breakdown — they generally feel … awful.

When you’re in that place, it’s so very hard to see the light.

When you are called to uplevel in your life — and step onto your truest soul path — a death phase is generally necessary in order to purge the remnants of ALL that is no longer in energetic alignment with where you are going.

It will likely be one process after another of things leaving your life. It may look like your life has fallen apart. Let it. It needs to.

The phoenix rising from the ashes has long been a symbol of REBIRTH.

And this is truly what happens after these symbolic deaths.

Just when you honestly think you can’t stand another moment of it … boom, out you pop the other side.

Embodying a whole new energetic frequency.

Moving forward into the new version of your life.

It can’t happen until you’ve cleansed, cleared, and shed it all.

While you are in the depths moving through this, please hold the certainty in your heart that it wouldn’t be happening unless you were being taken somewhere that is SO in alignment with your deepest truth.

You don’t even have to know what this is going to look like. You don’t have to know what you want. Your soul already has it covered. Life is already guiding you there.

You are so supported in the process of walking through this fire — even when it doesn’t feel like it.

Cosmic support cheers you on from the bleachers of other dimensions, as you have the courage to stand alone — while you wait for what’s yours to be delivered.

How exciting!

You are becoming the phoenix. And you will rise, you will! It’s inevitable.

Just as a seed grows into the plant it’s destined to become, so too will you become exactly what your soul wants you to become.

Keep going.




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  1. A sparkling hello Beth. So delighted to have come across your beautiful inspiration and wisdom. Thank you for sharing such beautiful heartfelt and sacred words. Blessings Nikki

    September 22, 2022 • 7:20 am •
  2. bethbridges

    My pleasure Nikki. So glad it resonates for you! X

    October 1, 2022 • 6:47 am •
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