The Standstill.

The Standstill.

When we are moving through a period of ‘standstill’ in life, it can be easy to believe that we have been forgotten.

Especially if that period of time is a bit lengthier than the ego believes it should be.

Heart grief can set in as our mind comes up with all sorts of ideas about how the life has nothing more in store for us. Maybe we feel like ‘this is it’.

These so-called ‘winters’ of life don’t necessarily just happen in winter (though let’s be honest, sometimes that cold gloomy weather makes it more difficult to bear); they happen according to your own soul unfoldment, and the cycles that are unique to your personal journey.

I’ve been grappling with a standstill in my own life, and the theme that has arisen the most for me is that of letting go of control …

Letting go of control, so that my noisy mind can stop drowning out the whispers of my intuition.

If you can quiet the mind of all its busy thoughts about why everything is not working out for you, and about how you must have definitely been left out of the cosmic lottery …

… then you will eventually start to hear the whispers of your new life, moving into your conscious awareness.

Little ideas, inspirations, and intuitions about where you are headed next will come through.

These little ‘hits’ may not flourish into action and forward movement straight away, because they are still taking root. Like the seed that first germinates, and burrows its way DOWN into the darkness of the soil, giving it a firm foundation to eventually move UP into the light of the sun … but only, only, only when the time is right.

Life has not forgotten you. The standstill is of value.

This quote from Rumi resonates:

‘oh my friend
if you are longing to be written on
become a blank page’

Sitting in the discomfort of the standstill, the unknown, can be unbearable. This is where we become the blank page for the new cycle.

I have many a time sat in streaming tears and with a deep sense of wanting it to be over, through these inevitable phases in my own life.

But because we cannot rush or force life, any more than we can rush or force a recently planted seed to grow, we must simply surrender into the moment, this experience that may bring anguish, again and again and again.

With deep trust in divine timing and our own soul path.

Letting go of control in this way is excruciating for our human selves. Because we have always been taught that we have to ‘make life happen’. In fact, in this phase we are coming into a deep understanding of the opposite, which is … life happens through us!

Have compassion for yourself if you are moving through the standstill, knowing that in this experience you are slowly coming into mastery of one of the most incredible ‘lessons’ of non-attachment and surrender.

This will eventually bring you great peace.




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