Burnout is NOT your destiny.

Burnout is not your destiny

In some seasons of life … we lose our mojo, our spark, our zest.

Burnout takes over.
Everyone else’s needs take over.
Our imbalanced hormones take over.

We can feel like a complete shell of our former self.

We can wonder … 

When will it ever be time for ME again?

Will I ever feel better?

And, most scarily …

Is this all there is??

Amazing human, I just want to make sure you know this:

Burnout is NOT your destiny.

Coming last, always, is NOT your destiny.

Being stuck on the master wheel, is NOT your destiny.

I mean, it could be your destiny if you CHOOSE these things, but – luckily – the choice to make change, to declare that you are worthy of more, and take action steps towards that, is in YOUR hands.

Your hands, and only your hands!

Tomorrow, the LAST (ever) live round of my signature 9-module eCourse, goes live.

Reset, Restore, Rebalance: Recovery For People Pleasing Women, is an online experience which will help you to stop pleasing everyone beside yourself.

+ It will teach you about your precious body, your hormones, how to optimise your health.

+ It will inspire you to raise your self-worth, set firm (but loving) boundaries, and stop feeling guilty when you choose yourself.

+ It will help you to surrender to the process of your beautiful life … so that your nervous system can take a break from trying to desperately control EVERYTHING.

+ It will guide you through the chakras (the energetic centres of your body).

I truly believe that this eCourse is a container for YOUR healing.

I have designed it to be as such.

It contains 9 extensive modules of video, written, and audio content.

This content is accessible to you ongoing – you can come back to it again and again, whenever you please, on your timeline!

In this FINAL live round of Reset, Restore, Rebalance, you will received extra support via a Facebook group for participants, and weekly emails from me.

Payment plans available! You can take place from anywhere in the world.

Join in now, so you don’t miss out.

Click here for all details about Reset, Restore, Rebalance.

Email with any questions.

I believe in your ability to thrive, truly!


Beth x

Join the next round of my eCourse, Reset, Restore, Rebalance: Recovery For People Pleasing Women, beginning April 17th, 2019.

All info at THIS LINK.



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