Honouring your soul truth, even when it’s painful.

Honouring the truth of your own soul is the ultimate act of self-love, and at times, this is going to require you to walk away from that which no longer serves you and your journey.

This might mean walking away from:

A relationship
A job
A city
A friend
Or whatever else

Not because those people or things are ‘wrong’, but simply because you are no longer an energetic match for each other.

As you go on the INNER journey of connecting with your soul, your self-worth will increase as you start to honour the divine being that you truly are.

Things that you used to tolerate will become intolerable, as you realise that you are truly worthy of so much more.

This is when it may become clear to you that there are certain relationships, jobs, people, situations and circumstances that no longer belong in your life.

You will start to embody higher frequencies and, as your external world starts to slowly shift to reflect your changing inner landscape, everything that is no longer in alignment will simply have to fall away.

This is basically out of your control. It happens when you are ready for it.

You can resist it if you like, but then you will ALWAYS have to endure those little niggles from within asking you to make change, until you finally do something about it.

These times of life where we know we need to make big changes are generally confusing, disorientating, lonely, and just plain hard.

BUT. If you are willing to sit in the ‘aloneness’ for a period of time (which will probably be longer than you think it should be);

if you are willing to TRULY do the inner work of purifying all the beliefs and energies that no longer serve you;

if you are willing you to offer yourself everything you need as you traverse this process;

if you are willing to believe your highest self when it offers you visions of greater possibilities for your life …

… then you are eventually going to emerge on the other side, victorious.

Victorious — not in a sense of worldly gain, but in a sense of feeling SO connected to Divinity, so connected to your soul, so connected to the truth of what really matters in your life. And living from that place every single day. That is victory.

There is no greater feeling than knowing you are TRULY walking your soul path.

So, if things are falling apart or away in your life right now, try to let them.

Because the breakdown ALWAYS precedes an inevitable breakthrough. It’s simply the chaos before the transformation.

Your soul is guiding the entire process. You can trust this, I promise you.

When I see people’s lives going through a lot of chaos, I always KNOW that (provided they are willing to do the work) they are on a precipice of wonderful change. I have also experienced this in my own life, many times.

The dark night of the soul is PAINFUL, but it will crack your heart wide open to life … if you stick with it.

The dark times will be your training. The training prepares you for your emergence into the next beautiful phase of your life.

It all has PURPOSE. Trust your life. Trust, trust, trust.

Honour your soul truth, even when it’s hard. Even when it’s SO scary. Even when others are judging (what do they know??).

Honour your soul truth, because you are on this planet to do precisely that.



Beth x



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