There is no competition (what’s yours is going to be yours).

Do you ever fear that you might ‘miss out’ on what’s yours, or do you feel like you have to compete with others or try to manipulate life, in order to get it?

If so, here is the truth …

When it comes to receiving what you deeply desire in life, there actually is no competition.

There is what is made for you, and it will find you, so long as you continue to follow the wise guidance of your heart and soul.

So whether it be a relationship, clients, a new job, ANYTHING …

Remember that what is yours, is coming to you.

There is no competition. 

You do not have to ‘fight’ for what you want. Or try to force it into being.

You just have to take the inspired action that you feel intuitively guided to take.
Be clear on what you want to call in.
And then, let go, trusting that the universe knows what and who to send to you … at the perfect time.

I practice this level of surrender all of the time in my business. I know my soul mate clients and customers will find me.

I practice it with the people in my life. With relationships.

I am currently practicing it as I set the intention to call in new love after healing my heart from a split a couple of years ago.

In all areas of life, I trust that what is mine will come to me. (Of course, I have days where these wavers and this is where I know I have energetic and spiritual work to do).

And I don’t feel like I have to ‘compete’ for anything.

Because I know there is absolutely more than enough to go around … and that what is meant for me will find me.

As it will for you.

The illusion of lack.

The reason why we sometimes feel like we have to compete to get what we want, or try to force it into being, is because there is a deeply ingrained energetic thread of LACK that runs through our being.

Such a sense of lack is imprinted upon us by the society that we live in – which conditions us to believe that there is not enough.

Not enough money, not enough time, not enough resources, not enough love …

And because we subconsciously believe this, we run about in life trying to ‘make things happen’ in a very manipulative and forceful way – because we don’t trust that what is ours is coming to us in Divine Timing, and that there is MORE than enough (of everything) to go around.

The amazing thing is, we can literally reprogram our subsconscious to start believing in an ABUNDANCE (of everything, including love).

Lack is a complete illusion. It is simply a belief system, and as soon as you change the belief, you change your experience of life.

The beliefs you hold about life – and what’s possible for you – are literally creating your experience of life.

Your beliefs are the architecture of your existence.

Change your beliefs, and thus change the foundation of your entire life.

It’s like moving into a beautiful new house – one that you’ve always dreamed about.

As we do the inner work (the energetic, mental, and emotional work) to clear old beliefs and energies that no longer serve us, and as we replace them with that which feels uplifting, supporting and abundant, we watch our lives literally shape-shift before our eyes.

Trust me, I’ve done it!

Please remember, that you never have to ‘compete’ for what is yours in life.

It’s already yours – in the energetic realm. It’s just waiting to be delivered into your physical 3D reality – in divine timing.

Your job is to start shifting your energy and your mindset, start believing that life is supporting you (it is), and learn to trust in the magical flow of your journey (letting go of control).

Sending you so much love.


Beth x



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