Are you participating in these people pleasing behaviours?

Today, I was feeling some serious rage about my own behaviours that keep popping up.

Such as:

Why do I keep excusing peoples bad behaviour, and why am I always trying to create harmony for everyone but myself?

Why do I feel like other people’s happiness and contentment in life is somehow MY responsibility?

Why am I so scared to ask for help?

Why am I so worried about ‘putting someone out’?

Why, when someone asks me how I am, is it so hard to say, ‘actually, I’m not really ok’?

Why am I (still) so fearful of upsetting someone, of having someone not like me?

Why do I think someone’s opinions about me actually mean anything???


Then, this rage turned into rage on behalf of women in general.

Because most of the women I come into contact with – personally and professionally – operate like this.

Because it’s ingrained in us. To keep the peace. To keep quiet. To keep things harmonious.

When sometimes (often), we should be using our voices to shake things up.
To declare what we need. And what we WANT.

To say, I don’t tolerate this behaviour any longer.
To say, I am worthy of more ….
To say, I don’t have to feel guilty for prioritising ME.


What do you think? Do you participate in these people pleasing behaviours?

With love,


Beth x

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