Releasing control and trusting the process of your life.

Letting go of my hyper-controlling ways has been such a loooooooong journey for me, especially over the last couple of years, after my life was up-ended by a series of events in late 2018.

Though I’ve come a long way, I still sometimes find myself gripping tightly to needing to know ‘what’s going to happen’.

Wanting to predict and control, and find ‘certainty’.

But, as life continually reminds me, there is no certainty. Ever.

Life is in a constant state of flux. Everything can change in an instant, and often does.

Each time the rug is pulled out from underneath me, each time I land on my butt (often) — I am reminded of the divinity of life, of the fact that I am not in control of this, of the fact that ALL I can do is surrender and let go and learn to flow.

Humbled by life, over and over again. The rock bottom moments will do that for you. 

Every time I start to think something is ‘secure’ in my life, it’s taken away in some way … teaching me not to cling.

This has been the hardest, most terrifying, most heart-opening learning / revelation of my life.

Learning to let go, to die to life, over and over and over and over again. Trusting deeply that I will ALWAYS be held. By life itself.

Life deliberately (and lovingly) pushes us to our edge, so that we can have these expanding revelations about the true nature of our existence. 

Life pushes us to our absolute limits sometimes, so that we are truly FORCED to do the deep inner work. It is both incredibly annoying and incredibly profound. 

I believe it is true that pain and challenge are often the most helpful way that we can truly expand into higher frequencies and layers of ourselves.

And the more you grip, and try to control it all, the more pain you are going to experience.

And on the contrary …

The more you trust (God/Cosmic Intelligence), the more flow you are going to experience.

You do have to show up and play your human part in the game of life. But you must let go of the outcome.

The outcome is not up to you. It’s up to the Divine Hand which governs ALL things.

Let go, let go, let go, so that the life that wants to be lived through you, can be.

When you’re being called the the next level.

During times of accelerated inner growth, such as what I’ve talked about above, life as you know it might disintegrate around you.

While this is deeply unnerving and your ego mind will do everything it can to cling to what is trying to leave your life, in order to feel ‘safe’, you must be brave enough to let it all go.

One by one, the attachments will (probably quite painfully) dissolve, as your spirit lovingly guides you to something new.

As hard as it is, why would you want to cling to what is no longer for you, what is not serving you, what is weighing you down and keeping you from entering the destiny that is in store for you?

Nothing that is of this world is permanent. Literally nothing. Impermanence is the truth of existence. 

As we practice gracefully letting things go when it’s time (honouring our emotions in the process, of course), we practice acceptance of this truth.

You will have MANY experiences in your life. Some aren’t meant to last. Some are. Can you flow with the cosmic intelligence that has it all covered?

When we align with the truth of our soul, and let what needs to fall away, fall away, such amazing things flow back in. Things and people and circumstances that are much more aligned to our journey.

This is worth the pain that you may have to go through to get there.

You’ve got this!



Beth x



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