What will happen when you start to say no and set boundaries?

Written for my beloved people pleasing women …

What will happen when you decide to start letting go of your people pleasing ways, setting loving boundaries, and putting yourself right up there on the to-do list?

What will happen when you decide to stop saying yes, when you really mean no?

In my personal experience, when I decided to shed my people pleasing skin, a lot of people didn’t like me anymore. 

My circle got a lot smaller.

Clients and followers fell away as I was no longer available 24/7 to have my energy pulled from me at the expense of my wellbeing. (I cannot even tell you how many people thought I should be available to them, anytime, simply because I choose to have this online profile).

I could sense the energetic recoil of friends and family members who didn’t like this new Beth; the version of me that decided she couldn’t continue to live with adrenal fatigue, pms, and a constantly empty cup.

I felt ‘alone’, but in my loneliness I connected deeply to my Soul Self, and discovered who I really am.

The part of me that was addicted to needing everyone to like me in order for me to feel worthy of love, had to die, and it was very painful. I had to let go of my need for validation and accept that I am enough, now, in this moment.

Every time I practiced being brave and honouring myself – body, mind, and soul – it got a little bit easier to accept the judgement from others about why I was making the choices I was making.

And while it seems like I lost a lot, here is what I gained …

♥️ My life force was available for ME again (not just everyone else)
♥️ My hormones balanced and I stopped being burnt out
♥️ I stopped feeling overwhelmed
♥️ I became absolutely solid in my sense of self, and comfortable standing alone
♥️ I found out who honoured the real me
♥️ New clients came in, ones who deeply respect me
♥️ I learnt to not need external validation … from anyone

As painful as it is to shed your inner people pleaser, it is the most amazing journey to go on.

I watch my clients move through this and it makes my soul happy, knowing that they are liberating themselves and shedding all that imprinting from society that tells them they have to be ‘good’ for everyone else — even when it goes against their soul truth.

It is absolutely ridiculous to think that we have to sacrifice our own wellbeing, in order to keep everybody else happy all of the time. The belief that we have to do this stems from the deepest conditioning – conditioning that begins from our earliest days, as we’re taught to be ‘good little girls’, and walk on eggshells to keep the peace.

Keeping the peace never works. It’s peaceful for everyone, except you. It is an incredibly unsustainable way to exist, one that can only lead to burnout.

I know how difficult it is to go on this journey. It’s one that I went on for years … until I finally liberated myself from needing everyone to like me and approve of me. 

If you’re on this path, stick with it! It’s leading you good places, I absolutely promise.

If you need help with this, find out more about working with me online just here.

I’ve walked many women through the beautiful process of reclaiming their time, energy, and life force. What happens on the other side of this is so magical. You literally have access to a whole new timeline for your life.

With love,


Beth x



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