Shattering the illusion of certainty.

The illusion of certainty was shattered in 2020.

Anyone still clinging to certainty — and needing things to unfold in a particular and fixed way, in order for them to feel safe — is going to have to move through the pain of having their fixed ideas of ‘certainty’ shattered, over and over again, in order to learn the painful spiritual lessons of trust, faith, and surrender.

This will include myself 🙋🏼‍♀️

I have a very firm foundation of faith these days, however I still get rocked at times … which just shows me that I still have more surrender to do. I still have a little bit of a grip on the reigns of control. And that’s ok.

We cling to certainty because it makes us feel safe.

This is natural.

But what we need to explore is …

Can I feel safe *even when* things are incredibly uncertain?

This is going to require a very solid foundation of faith. So that we are *unshakeable* in our trust — no matter what comes our way.

I’ve had glimpses of this level of trust and it is so very liberating. (When I’m living in that state every moment of every single day, I’ll let you know 😂).

TRUE faith is knowing that whatever uncertainty you are delivered, you will always be ok and there will always be a way.

‘I am always ok, and there is always a way’.

These words came to me in the shower the other day, as I was pondering a big change I am about to make in my life, and getting caught in the minds questions around the logistics and the ‘hows’ — ie, how am I going to do this, will it work out, etc.

‘I am always ok, and there is always a way’.

I pondered these words all morning and realised how very true they are. In the past two years of total life rearranging and upheaval, I’ve always been ok, and there’s always been a way.

I’ve always, always, always followed my heart, and I’ve always, always, always been ok. Not necessarily comfortable, but definitely ok! (Following your heart is never the comfortable path — you have to trade comfort for courage).

If you ponder this within your own life, you might just find the same thing — you have always been ok, somehow, some way.

So, dear human being …

Where are you clinging to certainty, needing to know what’s going to happen, or fretting about things that may never even come into fruition?

How can you soften, in this moment?

Can you recognise … even when it got really rocky, you were always ok, and there was always a way?

With love,


Beth x



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