Can we talk about energy?

Energy is everything.

Your energy – the vibrational frequency that you reside in – is calling in either what you DO want, or, what you DON’T want. 

So many of us get so stuck focussing on everything that’s going wrong. On what’s missing. On lack. On scarcity. On pain. On fear.

This is very normal. It’s very human. 

We ALL do this.

But … when we get stuck there for too long? We end up calling in what we DON’T want, because like attracts like.

So when you’re stuck in that funky energy – fear, lack, pain – and you stay there for too long, what are you going to call in more of?

Yep, you’ve got it. 

In order to call in what you desire, you have to learn to BE in the energy of what you desire.

Which means …

If you want more abundance, you must embody the energetic vibration of abundance.
If you want more love, you must embody the energetic vibration of love.

… and so on.

So often, we focus on LACK. We focus on the absence of what we desire. What we don’t realise, is that we have to BECOME what we want, before it shows up physically in our life.

Learning about how to shift my own energy and vibration, has been the most drastically life-changing thing I have ever done.

I am fascinated with this topic, truly.

Day by day, I get better and better at mastering my own energy.

I’m not talking about physical energy. I’m talking about vibrational energy. The energy you hold, that is determined by the thoughts you choose the think, and the emotions you therefore end up feeling (thoughts determine our emotions).

I work with many people who have so many elements of their life ‘mastered’ – they eat amazingly, they take all the right supplements, they move their bodies, their lives look ‘great’ from the outside … BUT, something is missing.

What is this missing element?

Well, their energetic vibration is just not quite where it needs to be, in order for them to feel amazing. To feel abundant, inspired, alive, free, grateful, loving, and joyous.

How often do you feel any (or all) of these things?

If the answer is ‘not often’, I would LOVE for you to come on a four-week journey with me, to shift your energy and raise your vibration. 

And in doing so? You will be able to call in MORE of what you want, and experience the absolute life-changing benefits of deciding to feel great. 

Yes, that’s right, by committing to doing this eCourse, you are deciding to feel great. And from this place, you will change your experience of life.

Shift Your Energy, Change Your Life, is a 4-module eCourse that you can work through at your own pace.

When you enrol, you will have lifetime access to the video, written, and audio content, and can revisit it, again and again and again!

I truly, truly believe that it can help you to change your life. 

Read below, to find out what each of the four modules are about, and to enrol for instant access.

Shift Your Energy, Change Your Life is on SALE for just $111 AUD (normally $197 AUD), until midnight on Friday the 31st July.

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  • Module 1

    Why is energy important?

    In Module One, we set the foundation with learning about energy. 


    // Learn about energy in the sense of vibrational frequency, and why it’s so important to understand this.


    // Learn about what the law of attraction is actually all about, and how to use it to your advantage.


    // Learn about the key steps to manifesting what you desire, and applying these in your life.

  • Module 2

    The art of feeling great

    In Module Two, we talk about how the way you feel at any given time, is showing you what kind of energy you’re currently resonating with.


    // Choosing to feel great, no matter what – even BEFORE what you want has shown up in your life (and how this actually IS possible).


    // Using yoga, breath work, meditation, nature, nutrition, making your environment beautiful, and MORE, to get you feeling GREAT … so you can call in what you desire.

    // Getting rid of toxicity – physically, mentally, emotionally – so you clear space for a higher vibration and greater energy.

  • Module 3

    Getting clear on what you want

    In Module Three, we talk about clarity – getting clear on what you desire, and excited about co-creating a beautiful future with the universe, by working with your energetic vibration.


    // Creating clear intentions for yourself and your future.


    // Staying focussed on your intentions, no matter what is going on around you.


    // Learning to embody the ENERGY of your desired intentions, so you can call them more easily into your life.






  • Module 4

    Tuning in to your chakras

    In Module Four, we talk about the energetic centres contained within YOU!


    // A deep dive into the 7 main chakras of the body.


    // Learning to quickly and easily tune into the energy of YOUR own chakras, so you can clear energetic blocks and help yourself to create the life and health you desire.


    // Become intimately connected to who you are on an energetic level – this is so priceless. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself.






The details:

  • You have LIFETIME access to this eCourse, so there is no rush to move through the content.
  • Each module in this eCourse contains video, written, and audio content.
  • The audio guided meditations and workbooks are downloadable; the videos are accessible anytime, whenever you log in.
  • You will create a unique username and password that you can use to login to the eCourse whenever you desire.
  • As soon as you enrol and make your payment, you will have instant access to all four modules.

Any questions?


Beth Bridges is a Naturopath + Life Coach for women.

She deeply believes that true wellness must encompass not only physical health, but also fulfilment of one’s life purpose.

She specialises in women’s health and hormones, burnout and exhaustion, stress-related adrenal dysfunction, and helping one to find their true soul essence and bring that into their everyday life.

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