Stop over-filling your ‘life plate’.

Stop over-filling your life plate

Do you feel overwhelmed by how much you have going on in life?

There is not a single woman I have worked with (and barely a woman that I know outside of my work) that doesn’t communicate to me that, most of the time, she feels like there is too much going on for her.

And that this ‘too much going on’ is affecting her being in a myriad of ways: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. 

Insomnia (or just not making to to bed until 1am … even day).
Fatigue, exhaustion.
Anxiety and overwhelm.
One hormonal symptom after another.
Snapping at the kids, husband, and whoever else.
A constant feeling of drowning.
A feeling of immense disconnection from herself and her life.

All of these things … they are little wake-up calls. 

Because the truth is, amazing woman …

At some point, we have to know when enough is enough … when it’s time to make change in our lives.

At some point, we have to come to deeply understand that it is (more than) ok to NOT overcommit ourselves … time and time again.

At some point, we must take responsibility for the fact that (in most cases), whatever is happening for us, is in existence because we allowed it to be.

I like to imagine my life as a ‘plate’, similar to the dinner plate.

Now, there is only so much that you can fit onto your dinner plate (and into your stomach!); and, there is only so much that the human body can properly digest at any one meal.

When we eat too much, we suffer. The body will give us CLEAR signals to let us know that we’ve overdone it – and hopefully, we’ll listen to those.

When we put too much food in, we demand too much energy from our digestive systems. We may end up sluggish, congested, fatigued, and unable to extract all the wonderful goodness from the food we are eating. We may end up in a little bit of a ‘food coma’.

The same goes for our life plate. 

When it comes to my life plate, I know that, similarly, if I put too much on there – and try to take too much in at once – I am going to suffer. It’s such an inevitable.

There is only so much that the human mind, body, spirit, heart, and nervous system can take. Everything that you say YES to in life, ends up on your ‘life plate’. When you are consistently taking on too much, you are bound to suffer.

The other thing is – everyone’s ‘plate’ is different.

Never look at someone else and think that because they seem to be doing well juggling a million things, that you should be doing the same. Someone else may be in a phase of life where they are doing quite well with their dinner plate fit for a king. You may be in a phase where all you need is a bread and butter side plate … you get what I mean.

The only person that can be the judge of what fits nicely onto your life plate, at any one point in your life, is YOU. 

If you are connected to your intuition, you will instantly know what feels good to keep on that plate, and what needs to go (or what needs to be delegated).

The challenge here, is radical honesty with oneself – we women, we like to trick ourselves that we are ‘doing well’, even when our energy levels, hormones, and mood are telling us something very different.

What it comes down to, is knowing your own limits, and honouring them. 

When we consistently commit ourselves beyond the resources that we have available to us (energetically, financially, physically, emotionally), we are basically asking for depletion.

When we refuse to delegate and ask for help, we are doing ourselves (and everybody in our world) a huge disservice, because we will not be able to function at our best.

When we compare ourselves to whatever our mum / sister / best friend / aunty are doing … we dishonour our SOUL, the part of us that knows what we need at any given time in life.

Maybe this doesn’t resonate for you, because you’re doing really well with whatever you have going on in life at the moment. Wonderful! 

But if you know that you are overloaded, that you’re not ‘digesting’ everything you’ve got going on particularly well right now … listen to that. Listen to that, and honour it. You are so not alone.

For each woman who is brave enough to declare what she needs and give herself that, many other women will feel that they have permission to do the same. 

Be honest with yourself about your life, your health, your wellbeing. Take your power back by being brave enough to act on that.

Love –


Beth x



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