The process of becoming (who you really are).

Who is the woman you are becoming?

There is a woman you are becoming.

A future version of you.

And this future version … she depends upon the actions you take today.

She depends on …

Whether you consistently choose growth and expansion, over comfort and safety.

Whether you take a ‘risk’, or whether you play it safe.

Whether you finally realise how incredibly worthy you are of ALL that you truly desire at the level of your soul … or whether you listen to our society, which will try to convince you that you are not enough.

Whether you choose to take a stand for yourself and your life, or whether you choose to keep on tolerating things and people that are no longer worthy of you.

Whether you choose to realise that you are not even guaranteed the next five minutes … or whether you convince yourself that you have your ‘whole life’ to do that thing you really want to do.

There is a woman you are becoming – and truly, your choices TODAY, are dictating how this plays out.

Your self-worth TODAY, is dictating this.

Your courage TODAY, is dictating this.

You can change anything. Anything.

But first, you have to be willing to get uncomfortable.
To sit with uncertainty.
To take the leap.
To build your faith.
To trust.

Who is the woman you are becoming?

And are the choices you are making TODAY, going to get you there?

Show the universe that you are committed to the life of your dreams, and the universe will THEN meet you halfway.

You have to go first. 

How many women waited for the ‘right time’ … the right time to make change, the right time to declare what they wanted, the right time to stand up for their truth … 

… there is never a ‘right time’.

The time is always NOW. 

Now, now, now.

Time is ticking. Each moment that passes, you don’t get back.

It’s scary, yes. Especially if you’ve lived your whole life in the service of only others, and never in service to yourself.

It’s scary to start to prioritise yourself, when this is something that might be so very foreign to you.

So, start small. How can you liberate yourself a little, starting today?

How can you choose YOU, in some small way, starting today?

There is a woman your soul is wanting you to become. Give that woman a chance to shine!

With love,


Beth x


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