Tuning in to soul resonance.

Someone asked me the other day how I analyse what is ‘right and wrong’ for me in life … and my answer was simply, soul resonance.

At this point in my life, I’m deeply connected to my soul and I just instantly know what resonates and what doesn’t.

This is a FEELING thing. My soul doesn’t speak to me through my mind. It speaks to me through my heart.

My clarity on this is 100% — but it wasn’t always.

I used to live completely in my head. Constantly trying to decipher life from that place, driving myself crazy trying to predict and control things.

When I started to learn to drop my energy down into my heart, I started to get the clarity I craved.

I don’t second guess my heart / soul anymore. If it’s resonant, it just is. And so, I flow with that. Even if the mind has a million reasons why I ‘shouldn’t’ listen to the wisdom of my internal compass.

Soul resonance.

You know … when the choice / action / words just feel RIGHT. It’s the most stunning feeling of complete alignment.

Even when something is scary, if it’s resonant with me at a soul level, then I will gladly dive head first into it because I KNOW that I’ve been divinely guided there.

Soul resonance is very much about energy. When you’re an energetic match for a person, relationship, circumstance, or opportunity … you’ll be able to feel it. Vibrations don’t lie.

Soul resonance requires deep trust – the trust to follow what feels right.

This is easy for me now, because I trust my soul so deeply.

My soul is my anchor in this crazy world, in this society which has the masses so deeply conditioned that most of us are deeply disconnected from our innermost truth.

It’s my intention in life to only match with things / people / circumstances that are resonant with my soul. To live bravely from that place. To fine-tune the calibration of my mind to this wiser part of myself. This is what living a soul-led life means to me.

And I believe that where most people get themselves into pain and trouble, is when they don’t trust this wise inner guidance that is always available to them.

In so many cases, we look to others to tell us what to do, how to live, and what to believe. But, truly, the real clarity that you seek on all of these things, can ONLY come from within. 

It doesn’t mean that other people can’t be our guides. But a true guide / healer / friend should always be trying to help you to connect back to YOUR truth. Not theirs.

In my work, I have had the great honour of helping hundreds of women with this exact topic … and while I will mirror and reflect back to them the clues they have given me about their own soul truth around any given situation, I will never tell them what to do, how to live, or what to believe.

Rather, I will always encourage them to bravely follow what feels resonant for them.

Resonance basically means that something is on the same vibration / frequency level. So, for example, if I meet someone and start talking to them and existing in their energy field, I will almost instantly know whether there is a soul resonance or not, just by how it feels … because the energy is either resonant, or not.

If this topic of soul resonance is interesting to you, I really encourage you to play around with this.

Makes your decisions for one day or one week ONLY from a place of soul resonance.

Just go with what feels right. Even if it’s scary. I guarantee your life will start to open up in the most beautiful ways.

And remember: life literally rewards the brave. You cannot get different results if you don’t DO something different!

I know from personal experience that the more I allow myself to follow what feels resonant for me, the more beautiful my experience of life is.

Soul resonance ♥ Feel for it, and you’ll know what’s resonant (or not) for you and your soul journey.

With love,


Beth x



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