Two steps forward, one step back.

In life, it often feels like we’re not really making the progress we wish to be making, and this can bring up so much frustration.

Our human ego / mind has ideas about how our life ‘should’ go. About what ‘should’ happen. About what the timeline ‘should’ look like.

But rarely does it work out in the way that we think it ‘should’ …

Rather, things often go ‘wrong’.
‘Obstacles’ pop up.
Things don’t come to fruition as quickly as we ‘want’ them to.

And so often, we take all of this to mean …

That we are somehow a ‘failure’. That we just aren’t one of the ‘lucky ones’. That we’re never going to receive what we want, because we’re ‘just not good’ at this game of life.

I can SO relate to this feeling of always taking two steps forward, one step back.

Literally everything that I’ve worked towards in my life, everything that I’ve truly desired at a soul level, has come to fruition in a way that has felt painfully SLOW.

My studies.
My business. (Gosh, especially my business!).
My journey to wellness.

And, most recently, my recovery from a break-up and the consequent unraveling of everything aspect of my life — and then the rebuilding process. Truly, I’m 19 months out from my break-up now, and I’m only juuuuuust feeling like I’m ‘recovered’ – physically, mentally, emotionally, financially. That took TIME. And a lot of investment into myself. And a lot of faith. And many tears.

Here is the thing: when we put pressure on ourselves to rush through these processes of growth expansion, and healing, we often miss out on the real GEMS of wisdom that come from sitting in those funky, rock bottom places.

In the process of taking two steps forward, and one step back – over and over and over again, in some cases – we are actually being offered the opportunity to deeply consolidate our growth.

In the process of going through an experience for longer than we ‘want’ to, we actually heal on the deepest level.

You can’t skip the growth that you need. You simply cannot rush your healing. 

As tempting as it is to want to skim the surface of your pain, and quickly get to the next new, ‘better-feeling’ experience, this is not the path that will give you the strongest foundations to build the next phase of your life upon. Truly.

As I look back upon how the past 19 months of life has panned out for me, I recognise that I really needed this time to work through the many aspects of my pain that I needed to work through.

I couldn’t have done it ANY quicker. It has all been perfect.

Two steps forward, one step back. I’m grateful for it. Because every time I took that step back, I just know that God / Life / The Universe was really just saying to me … before you can move forward, we just need to make sure you’ve reallllllly got this. 

So …

Can you learn to love the slow process of your growth?

Can you learn to trust that it couldn’t have happened any quicker, and it didn’t even need to happen any quicker?

Can you allow yourself to feel at ease with life, knowing that your path is being illuminated before you in a way that is JUST RIGHT for your beautiful soul journey on this planet?

Can you stop comparing your path to anyone else’s?

Every time you feel like you’re taking a step back, remember how far you’ve already come. You’re not ‘behind’. You’re right where you need to be.

As you embrace the lessons, and do the inner work, you are creating a beautifully strong foundation for yourself.

This is what beautiful new experiences will come to land upon, eventually. 

Trust. The process is just perfect.

With love –


Beth x



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