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Book your Naturopathy Consultation with me for 2020!

I specialise in women’s hormonal balance, burnout and adrenal fatigue, and general vitality and well-being.

I work with my clients via Skype – from wherever you are in the world!

I will be seeing naturopathy clients again from January 2020 – please email for expressions of interest and to be notified when my availability re-opens.

I can’t wait to help you!

Important information: 

// I provide all naturopathy clients with thorough notes post-session, including all of my advice, tips, and recommendations for the healing journey that lies ahead.

// I make sure that everything we have discussed is clear and clarified; I also ensure that you know exactly how to easily access any nutritional supplements, herbal medicines, flower essences, and anything else that I may recommend for you. If you are in Australia, I can organise for you to have your products delivered straight to your doorstep.

// I do not offer personalised email support in between sessions.

How can you be sure that you want to work with me? 

It can feel like a risk to invest in yourself and choose to hire someone to help you.

I completely understand this.

I always say to clients booking in: if you resonate with my writing, my blogs, and what I share on social media, then you and I are most likely going to get along super well!

If you’re not sure yet, jump on over to the blog, or find me on Facebook or Instagram – if you like what you see, if it speaks to you in some way – be in touch.

Trust that you were guided here for a reason and, if you feel drawn, have the strength and courage to follow through!

I promise you – the moment you commit to being supported in this way, things will start to shift and change for you.


Where do you hold sessions?

Sessions are held online, via Skype (from anywhere in the world).

How and when do I pay?

All payments are made at the time of booking. Your payment is collected via PayPal. Once your booking and payment have been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details that you need.

Is my payment refundable? 

Payments are non-refundable, but they are transferrable (please see cancellation policy below).

Do you have a cancellation policy? 

Any sessions that are cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of the session booking, will be charged 100% of the consult fee. Please, if you are booking in for a session – I kindly ask that you honour my time, as I also deeply honour yours. Thank you!


Contact me!


Big love,

Beth x

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