You are your own hero.

You are your own hero

You, Amazing Human, are your own hero.

The truth is … YOU are the one who knows you the best.

You are the one who knows what you need, what your standards are, what you are no longer willing to tolerate, what your soul wants for you in this lifetime.

You are the only one who knows what your boundaries are, and when they’re being crossed. You are the only one who can say no, when you know you need to.

You are the only one who can make it all happen – whatever ‘it’ is, whatever you WANT.

Your dreams. ⠀
Your inspired life. ⠀
Your health. ⠀
Your vitality.

You are the only one who can save you, really.

And when we save ourselves, we free other people from our expectations of needing them to save us, or complete us, or whatever.

>> you are already WHOLE. Already. Even when you feel alone <<

Other people (and things) are amazing, but they are icing on the cake. YOU are the cake!


So please, be your own best friend.

Treat yourself like the amazing human you are.

Cultivate a strong, strong relationship with your own soul.

This is the path to fulfilment.

Knowing who you are, then giving yourself what you want and need and desire in this lifetime. 

I can guarantee that once you understand how important you are, and begin to treat yourself that way, the world and other people will begin to reflect that back to you in the ways you have always wanted.

Be your own hero, for life. Never give up on YOU.

Please remember that life is precious + fleeting. I know, on the hard days, it can be difficult to remember that. But it IS, it really is.

I just found out a friend of mine, that I met travelling in India when I was 25,  just passed away in the last few days.

She was 29 (or thereabouts). She had a thriving travel blog. She was just about to get married. She lived her life with gusto. I admire her and I will honour her day in, day out, by doing what I know I am here to do in my lifetime.

I know that I am BLESSED to have today. So are you.

Eventually … there will be no more ‘todays’.

So please, NOW, while you still have the opportunity, honour yourself, live from your heart, and truly, be your own hero.

Your life is in your hands, and you get to choose what you make of it!

With love,


Beth x



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