Hormonal balance from an energetic perspective.

The energetics of hormonal balance. There is SO much more to bringing sustainable balance to women’s reproductive hormones, than simply taking some herbs or supplements, and not changing anything else.  At its core, hormonal imbalance in women is often largely linked to an imbalance in the masculine / feminine energies (that we all have within us, regardless of gender). Over the...
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You cannot harvest what you haven’t planted (in your life).

Before you can have what you want in life, you must plant the seeds for that desire — in your mind, in your energy, and in your physical world. This essentially means that if you desire something, then your thoughts and your beliefs, your vibrational energy, and the tangible action steps that you take daily, MUST be in alignment with...
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Shedding and purging your old life, so the new can flow in.

Out with the old, in with the … aligned. When everything falls apart in your life, you can be sure that a whole new life is (eventually) coming for you … and that is a WONDERFUL thing. When we are energetically ready to uplevel, life will ensure that ANYTHING that is no longer in vibrational alignment with where we are...
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Metamorphosis: the process of becoming the highest version of yourself.

In life, there are MULTIPLE timelines available to us. We can walk the timeline of our ‘highest’ self (our MOST soul-aligned timeline). We can walk the timeline of our ‘lowest’ self (our LEAST soul-aligned timeline). Or, we can walk any timeline in between. And, the truth is … whatever we choose to do is entirely within our own hands. Becoming...
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As you change your inner world, you change your outer world (for the better).

No matter what you believe, you will ALWAYS find evidence in this world to support your beliefs. For example, if you believe that you are unsafe, unloved, forgotten, and in lack … you will continually have synchronistic events and people and situations showing up in your life that support these beliefs. Because the external world is a reflection of our...
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Honouring your soul truth, even when it’s painful.

Honouring the truth of your own soul is the ultimate act of self-love, and at times, this is going to require you to walk away from that which no longer serves you and your journey. This might mean walking away from: A relationship A job A city A friend Or whatever else Not because those people or things (or you)...
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Releasing control and trusting the process of your life.

Letting go of my hyper-controlling ways has been such a loooooooong journey for me, especially over the last couple of years, after my life was up-ended by a series of events in late 2018. Though I’ve come a long way, I still sometimes find myself gripping tightly to needing to know ‘what’s going to happen’. Wanting to predict and control,...
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Let go, in order to receive.

Lately, from deep within myself I have been hearing the whispers of, ‘let go, let go, let go’ … When I notice my body full of tension … ‘let go’ When I notice myself trying to predict and control the future … ‘let go’ When I’m in total resistance to what the present moment is offering me … ‘let go’...
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Embodying the feminine.

The feminine energy that resides within you is the part of your energetic system that calls you to rest, play, be creative, and dance with life. This means surrendering control and bowing down to the divine mystery, letting things unfold exactly as they ought to, in perfect and divine timing. Within this society (system) that we have all be born...
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